Spring Update

Hello Everyone,
This is the time in spring where we all get anxious for the first vegetables. The gardens are planted almost to capacity with onions, potatoes, lettuces, greens, broccoli, carrots and more, lots of radishes! The greenhouse still warms the tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, melons and such (we always get frost in the first days of June, go figure). With all this sun and warmth we hoped for an earlier CSA start date, but the soil still wins out and its slowly rising temperatures are telling us we will again be ready about the second week in June. Expect an email the week before the first pick-up to tell you pick-up date, times and locations. Tuesday will be Mount Pleasant and Thursday will be Farm, Remus and Big Rapids and a limited Mt. Pleasant drop off, 4:30 ish.

Our pace has been slow and steady this spring, a bit slower than usual. Chris has a partially torn Achilles tendon and is wearing a walking cast boot to immobilize his ankle for three months. He feels a bit part of the Munster family swaying around in his walking cast covered with a rubber boot the size of a small country to help it stand up to 3 months of farming. We have found some extra gardening hands to help us get the job done, but he is feeling slowed down and a bit worried about the time crunches ahead of mass plantings and harvesting. With that said, if we have unexpected problems due to injury we will be upfront and try to work out any shortcomings. And don’t be shy if you really want to come out volunteer a little time 

I tried to email people when we received payment for the CSA, our spring bookkeeping system is a work in progress. I know some of you in the last month sent payments and we did not respond, sorry, spring happened. I will contact people soon if we have received no payment or payment plan.

We have some new residents on our farm. To start the list, a litter of kittens was born 3 days ago. Allma and Ila are smitten and anxiously waiting for the day they get to carry the kitten around, so am I. Next, we have 11 wonderful pigs that are tilling and fertilizing with vigor. They are a wonderful tool to get farm land ready for vegetables, but we really enjoy watching them sit in the middle of their water dish and rub their rumps and sleep in big piggy piles. We hope to keep a sow and boar over winter and have our own piglets next spring.

My other work in progress is a blog to try to get farm news and photos out to you all and have a place where farm members can add recipes and input. We will give it our best shot, technology is definitely a challenge. If a blog can become a forum for our CSA members to share food ideas and place to post pictures so you all can be more connected to the farm we feel it is worth it.

That’s what’s springing at the Swier’s. Be in touch.

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