It is time to begin. Gear up your bellies for fresh greens. They are extraordinary after a winter of bland, flat, from who knows where vege-tables. The smell, texture, taste and life in this food is much appreciated after waiting long months in anticipation of fresh food. We are excited to bring you these vegetables tended with care and thought, enjoy!

Chris’s leg is only a couple of weeks into its healing process of months and we are realizing he needs to slow down a bit more. We have put out calls and pleas and we are so glad to have many helping hands coming and going at the farm. A brief introduction…Sirah, our wondrous Sirah is back for her third year. Becky is trying us out for size and so far so good, she has been here a couple of weeks. Sonny, is a calm and consistent and helps us when not training for football season. Our friend and fellow farmer Chris is helping during his break before summer school. A new CSA member Patti has offered to volunteer and bring some extra student volunteers with her. Ben found out about us and has been volunteering to learn what this CSA stuff is all about. We weren’t sure we could do it this year and somehow its coming together thanks to employees, volunteers and CSA members. Thank You.

Lastly, the newsletter. This year we are sending it via email for a couple of weeks and then hope you will all be looking at the for farm news, recipes and photos. For those of you who prefer a paper copy of the newsletter we will have them available at drop-off, look for Chris’s clipboard and they will be there. We will not be putting newsletters in crates, they get wet and the print smears. Chris will try to keep copies of several weeks newsletter in case you miss him one week. We look forward to your feedback and recipes; please help make our blog a site to visit for good recipes and veggie information.

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  1. I’m so excited the season is starting!!! I love this blog! It looks great. I am looking forward to seeing conversations and cooking tips from other members on here!

    Here’s my tip for radishes: They are so good raw in salads, or drizzled with salt and fresh lime juice. Try treating them like potatoes: roast them, saute them, boil ’em! This is a great method if you don’t want the heat of a raw radish. It cools them right down, and tastes similar to cooked kohlrabi or rutabaga.

    Thanks, Swiers!

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