Your Crate, Week #1

This week’s box has salad mix, spinach, baby cooking greens, radishes, and oregano. 

Our Crate Message

Each CSA membership has two black crates we have labeled with your last name/s.  Each week at pick up you may take the filled crate, but please, always remember to return your previously emptied crate.  Many CSAers have found it is easier  bring their own bags for the food and leave the crate with us. 

Our crate system helps us to organize the weekly deliveries and leave no vegetables behind.       Don’t  Forget Your Crate.   Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Your Crate, Week #1

  1. Thank you Swier Family!
    I am literally singing songs of joy to you as I snack from my crate.
    You are the best.
    Sincerely, Karen

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