CSA Week #2

Chris V. and Chris S. weeding a bed of chard

Right now on the farm we are spending a lot of time weeding.  The alternating rain and sunshine is making everything grow including the weeds.  We use a few of tools to weed. One we call a hula hoe, a tool with a long handle and a small metal rectangle (maybe 4″x6″) that is attached to the end, the lowest edges are sharpened.  We can move the bottom edge back and forth between the rows of plants and it either cuts the weeds down or uproots them.  The second tool, newly acquired this year is an attachment for the tractor, yea!  Chris has rigged up an attachment that will weed some of our vegetable beds, unfortunately it can’t do it all.  Lastly, our hands,  often those weeds get so close to the plants we want to keep the only option is to get down on your knees and pluck the weeds with your hands.     

We just finished a very large planting that included melons, winter and summer squashes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers and basil, whew.  Most of this was done in a day and a half  by Chris, Sirah, Sonny, Allma and Ila.  Ya-hoo! what a feeling of completion.  Now that most of the planting is done we are focused on continued weeding and making sure we have drip irrigation to all the plants.  Getting the plants into the ground involves a few key steps, but now we need to nurture the plants until harvest.  This task is often the most difficult, weeding, weeding, weeding so much area and squashing beetles and such, it all takes time. 

This week’s box has salad mix, spinach, baby cooking greens & radishes.  The garden may surprise us with something else.  I’ve noticed the green beans and peas are flowering and some of the broccoli plants are sizing up.

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