CSA week #5

I hope you all had a good Fourth of July.  We got some good family and lake time.

This week we are planning on harvesting arugula, chinese cabbage, head lettuce or salad mix, there should be enough broccoli for everyone (if not this week by next week), green onions, kohlrabi is a maybe and we will be bunching greens.  We have collards, chard and two varieties of kale, red russian and lacinato.  Red Russian is the variety you have all seen green spiky leaves with purple stems and veins, lacino is a green oval shaped leaf with a green stem and wrinkled leaves.  I will get photos in veggie i.d. soon.  We are looking forward to our first planting of green beans being ready to pick, and the first thinning of carrots and beets, small but good.  Look for these in the next couple of weeks.

I know you may be overwhelemed with greens so I am putting freezing instructions under the recipe tab.  Please don’t miss out on wonderful kohlrabi either!  I know it looks strange but peel the thin outer purple or green skin off, chop it up and try it, it is a great snack.  You can stir fry, bake or grill it.  Those of you who have grown attached to kohlrabi, please share your recipes.

2 thoughts on “CSA week #5

  1. I love to wash my kohlrabi, trim off the loose stems and cut it into thin sticks. Personally I like the skin and leave it on, thought it’s a bit… I guess sweeter, if you remove it. I keep the sticks in the fridge and dip them in my favorite dressing whenever I need a quick snack.

  2. I love the abundance of greens! They are always the first thing eaten out of my crate. I spend the first night sitting and breaking off the big stems, then I cook the whole lot. I’ll put a couple of my favorite greens recipes in the recipe section soon.
    As for the kohlrabi, it’s my new favorite salad topping.

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