The Garlic is Harvested, Thank You


The rain turned off a little after 9:00 a.m. and we got to work.  We had 6-7 beds of garlic, uncountable pounds, to harvest and store and it is done.  We can’t thank you enough: Kevin, David Smith, Cil and John Lorand, Tim, Evelyn and Becky Webster, Tim, Airlia, Zach and Isabelle Partlo, Ryan, Katheryn, Anwen and Lily Doran-Fisher, Terry and Gary Swier and of course Allma and Ila Swier.  We were able to harvest all the garlic by pulling it out of the ground, occasionally we needed a pitch fork to help.  We packed it up in crates and took it to a crew who was cutting the head off of the stalk.  Last we packed onion sacks half full of garlic and nailed them in the rafters of our barn for drying.  We ate a really good lunch too!  Thanks to all of their incredible work we will soon be enjoying garlic!  I have some more fun pictures from the day I will post on farm photos.  Ya –  HOO we got it done!

This week,  week #8, we will be harvesting carrots, green beans, onions, cucumbers, summer squash, green peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, collard greens, ? potatoes (Chris is trying to get the potato harvester working again).  Tomatoes and eggplant will be arriving soon.

Our lettuce plantings are not very happy in this weather and we are sad to say salad will not be part of the box for an uncertain amount of time.

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