week #9, 1/2 way through CSA 2010

This week we are harvesting for you summer squash (mostly crookneck but there is some patty pan and zucchini), cucumbers, salad mix, carrots, onions, limited broccoli, kohlrabi, green peppers, green beans, Tuesday has potatoes, thursday we will give you a double serving next week but you will get some cut flowers this week, and we are looking at tomatoes and eggplant and giving out as much as we can, there will be more of both of these to come.

Bulk basil is still available for $10/lb. and will be available as long as the weather allows. 

This Saturday and Sunday, August 14 & 15 we will be working on harvesting  potatoes & onions, weeding and trellising tomatoes.  This will be rain or shine.  We are trying to get ahead before our summer help goes back to school.  We would love to see you and greatly appreciate your help. Come on out and call if you need directions, 989-382-5436.

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