Week #10 and We Got Alot Done This Weekend!

Thank you to Sirah, Heidi, Kim, Terry & Brian (and Chris and Kate. And Allma and Ila for being so patient with our work).  These wonderful CSA members came and worked this weekend.  We got 32 full crates of potatoes (2 varieties of red and Yukon gold) harvested, all the onions harvested about 12 crates full, we weeded places that really needed to be weeded and got more tomato trellising done.   I am continually amazed how garden project can look so overwhelming, but when a few extra hands join in the work how quickly we can get it done.  

So here is what your crate will have in it with some extra comments about how the gardens are doing.  You will be getting lots of potatoes in the coming weeks, lots.  We tried some of the first ripe musk melons this weekend and they were wonderful.  We hope to have enough ripe to give them out in a couple of weeks.  We noticed as we were weeding around the eggplant that a nice crop is coming and you will see more eggplant this week.  Tomatoes, peppers and summer squash are all still plentiful.  Last Thursday we started picking off a new planting of green beans, they were tender and good so you’ll all be seeing yet more green beans.  The cucumber plants aren’t looking so happy, we will nurse them as long as we can, but prepare yourself for the end of our cucumbers.  I know its sad.  Yes, I do believe there is more radish and carrots.  We are still short on leafy greens, but I do see spinach and lettuce little plants working their way out of the soil.  Here is something I’m really excited for, new this year, edamame (or soybeans).  The plants have many little pods on them and we are just waiting for them to fatten up so we can harvest.  There is a lot of food still coming even though the gardens are in major transition right now.  We are all at once harvesting the last of some vegetables and cover cropping for fall while we sow more seed crops like lettuces, peas, spinach and such for fall harvesting.

Please continue to send your recipes and comments we love to post them and see your feedback.

Have a great week!

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