Thoughts for Food, CSA week #11

I have run across some interesting food information this week and thought I’d pass it on to you. 

I was listening to NPR this morning and The Splendid Table was on in the background.  There was a clip about good homemade veggie burgers that caught my attention (Chris likes veggie burgers) and a publisher of seasonal cookbooks, they have one out now with recipes focused on ingredients from farm markets and gardens.  You can access recipes, cookbooks and the show from 

In the last week or two I was talking with Pam at All About Health in Big Rapids and she handed me a magazine with a recipe she thought I would like.  Well I’ve taken a couple of browses through the magazine, Western Michigan’s Food for Thought, now and thought wow!  this is published in Grand Rapids with the Mission to bring locally relevant food information to their readership.  There is a great feature article on the culinary delights of milkweed, yes milkweed (you can even cook the pods which are out right now).  They have feature articles  and ads for all sorts of Michigan made products (this month earthen oven baking in Holland, Cranes Pie Pantry in Fennville), great seasonal recipes and the back pages have children centered activities to help families have fun learning about food and making the most of mealtimes. If you get the Aug/Sept issue check out Vegetable Artistry by Betsy Ratzsch, this story has many creative open-ended ways to work with CSA vegetables.  This has six issues per year, you can get more information from their website

This week in your box look for potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, kohlrabi, scattered eggplant and melons, sunflowers for all, peppers and some other garden odds and ends.  Have a great week.

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