It’s Time To Order Pork! by September 15th

We have 11 pigs this year. They are rotationally pastured, moving to fresh greens every 5-7 days. Their paddocks are approximately 1/3 acre each. This allows plenty of romper room, lots of exercise, and greens galore. One end of each paddock is wooded, providing cover, shelter, and shade. Rain deters them none, rather they seem to enjoy being soaked!  They tend to sleep under the trees and shrubs at night, and nap there too. As its gotten cooler all around, it may be just as likely that they sleep out in the wide open.

            This year they have rotated through 5 acres of pasture. They perform the first tillage on sodded parcels we will garden in the future. As they work up these paddocks, I seed cover crops behind them. This year I have planted oats, buckwheat, rye, clover, and sunflower. I have turned the pigs back onto these crops. The pigs “self-harvest” and hog ‘em on down! This cycle works well for us, the pigs and our soils.  In addition to pasture, each week they get about 180 “gallons” worth of garden produce.  We also offer them Graham’s Certified Organic Swine feed.  This is a balanced feed with energy, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. I put this in tubs, adding water until it’s a sloppy oatmeal consistency. I feed just enough for them to finish in about ten minutes time. They eat well and have continual access to fresh drinking water.   

             We will be selling these well-tended pigs by the half or whole, pre-ordered. You will make arrangements with us to purchase a half or whole. You will then make arrangements with the Grahams in Rosebush to have them USDA butchered and processed. You will be able to order your pork cut and packaged as you choose (*see below for a web address that will help you understand what cuts you can select from a half pig).

            This year we anticipate that each half pig will weigh between 70-90# “hanging weight” (this is the processor’s weight measure). This will yield between 45-60# commercial cuts.  This year we are charging $3.00 per pound hanging weight.

            There are two charges, paid separately. One is to us to purchase the pig. The second is to the Grahams to process the pig for you. The Grahams will charge you a slaughter fee and a processing fee. This will vary depending on the weight of the animal, and your choice for processing. Anticipate an additional $0.75-$1.00 per pound hanging weight.

            Your total cost, per half, will likely range from $260-$360. I know it’s a large range.  While the cost of a half or whole pig is very economical compared to buying cuts of similar quality pork, I know this can be a challenge to budget for.  If you need to stay at a certain dollar amount, please contact us and we can likely work this out.

            If you are interested please be in touch. You can reach us at tel#989-382-5436, email, or speak with me next time we see you with your vegetables and flowers!

 Thank you very much!

 To see some actual photos of our pigs on their pastures, go to:

 *To get a good idea of what pork cuts might be expected from your order, go to:  (the text section, “Notes”, is very informative too. Click with the magnifying glass to get a legible size print).

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