Going into CSA week #14


Most of us are adjusting to the school schedule in our daily routine.  Allma and Ila got on the same bus for the first time this year and Allma loves teaching her sister all about their grade school. 

We saw our first bit of frost this week.  The summer crops are fading, no more summer squash, melons & cucumbers, but the tomatoes will hang on until we get a heavy frost.  We are seeing a lot of winter squash, the edible soy beans(edamame) are coming along and lettuces and greens will become more abundant again.   Your crate this week should have tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, peppers, lettuce mix, some eggplant, and maybe edamame and/or green beans, maybe cilantro or oregano.  We have enjoyed adding flowers to the share the last couple of weeks and we hope you have enjoyed them too.  Check out the recipe tab for new recipes and how to freeze green beans.

We want to remind you that pork is still available, if you are interested please call before Wednesday, Sept. 15th to order .

Also available  Bulk Garlic.  It is $5.50 per pound.  If kept in a cool, dry area it will keep all winter.  I like to peel it all, grind it in the food processor, put it in a half pint jar, top with olive oil and freeze.  This makes it so easy to add to whatever I’m cooking, the taste is great and garlic is loaded with health benefits.

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