Final Weeks of Swier CSA 2010

So happy you were part of our CSA this year!

Well the 18 weeks have counted down and next week will be the last.  Please remember to return all the crates next week (if your forget please get them to Greentree, Hometown Health Foods or the farm during the winter, we will look for them).  The crates are costly and very useful for harvesting and delivery, again please return them.

This past weekend we cleared everything out of the garden that was frost sensitive and we are glad we did.  You’ll still be able to enjoy some tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.  There are green tomatoes in your crate check out the recipe tab for ideas on how to use them.

The farm members, farm volunteers, paid farm workers and the weather have made this a great CSA year.  The baskets were full and we had some great moments with all of you who are helping to make the farm possible.  THANK YOU!

If you have any suggestions for us please email, phone or talk with Chris at delivery.

One thought on “Final Weeks of Swier CSA 2010

  1. Thank you, Kate & Chris, Allma, and Ila and everyone who contributed to such a great harvest all summer! We have enjoyed the delicious veggies!

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