5 July 2011

hello everybody!

Just a quick post before I head to town…This week in your crate you will find oregano, salad mix, swiss chard, kohlrabi, radish, and garlic scapes.

Check out the veggie i.d. tab if you’re wondering what a “kohlrabi” is! Check out the recipe tab for “garlic scape” ideas. (Kate reminded me of cutting scapes in half and lightly sauteing… The texture is much like a crispy, very fresh green bean, with the subtle garlic-ness… Enjoy! Also, make a great “garlic scape pesto”. Yum.)

Our dog, Freddie, died about a week and a half ago. It’s been downright difficult. He’s missed terribly. He lived a carefree and romping life to the very last. He had great quality, though little quantity of life. On top of such unfailing loyalty and companionship Fred had become our first and foremost line of organic defense against deer.

In one and a half weeks the deer have sensed change (as, I think, have the rabbits). Little and big rascals are devastating some garden patches. Today you do not have head lettuce. Since Saturday they’ve eaten over 150 heads! The edible soybean, edamame, are perfectly manicured and mowed down. Full-grown swiss chard, 40-some plants, gone, nibbled flat. Chinese cabbage, none today, the deer and/or rabbits ate it up. In seven years I’ve never ever seen chinese cabbage predated upon!

One garden patch has been decimated. The swiss chard was flattened Saturday when I cultivated. The edamame on it’s way down in height. All the lettuce and chinese cabbage were destroyed in 2-3 days. When I saw this today at 6am I was devastated. I was feeling miserable. And I missed Fred.

We all miss out on those harvests. We have already put all soil prep (compost, tillage, irrigation, cultivation), seed, soil mix, seedling growing and tending for 1.5 months, transplanting these plants into the gardens on hands and knees…. In other words, much planning, time, effort, money and materials swallowed down the mouths of hungry wildlife. I am upset…. The scale of their eating harsh. Usually I can be okay with “writing off” some harvests in the name of “sharing”. This time the wildlife failed to share…

We do have multiple successional plantings in other garden patches – a “survival tactic”. I was really, really happily anticipating the first of these crops though! More patience is required!

Hope you are enjoying what you are receiving. As always, any questions, concerns, feedback – we’d love to hear it!

I do plan on adding pictures and much more commentary to the blog within the week.

thank you for all your support!




One thought on “5 July 2011

  1. Chris: I am so sorry. You didn’t say a thing this week about this. How horrific! I am right with you, sharing is sharing, but that is too much. Sorry to hear about it.

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