23 July 2011

23 July 2011

hello everybody! Now that you’re at the site, do click on the “Farm Photos” Tab – you’ll see new views of the gardens, fields, processing areas – and photos from years passed too.

The last few weeks we’ve been re-working many gardens. This entails removing drip-tape irrigation and rototilling. We work to create a fresh slate for new veggies. I’ve continued many series of direct seedings. We are still struggling with keeping the deer and bunnies away from sprouting green beans, edamame, and peas; chinese cabbage and head lettuce have been absolutely pounced. ( We do have a new dog in training, for deer deterrence. Plus we’re keeping our activity level very high throughout all the gardens, claiming them as “ours”!)   

It’s getting to be time to plant  fall crops too. So…. we are having another chance at peas, carrots, spinach and beets! I will be trying some new “Asian Greens” this fall. We’ve got broccoli and chinese cabbage, lettuces and Violet Queen: “halfway between broccoli and cauliflower, a tasty novelty for adding violet color to salads and dips.”

On the near horizon I see Basil, Broccoli, some Violet Queen. We really want the many rows of green beans and edamame to be eaten by “us humans”.   

We’ll be taking a break from radish, scapes, and baby swiss chard. If you’ve got a stock pile of any or all, click on the “Recipes” Tab and scroll down. We’ve got ideas for putting greens up for winter usage (yum! a taste of summer in winter!), dips which’ll cause you to devour radishes, and a scape pesto which’ll gobble them up.

The start of our harvest season has been slower than I’d like. Maybe your thoughts too? The re-working and re-invigoration of the many gardens gives us another chance to grow and enjoy the bounties. This has given me greater hope, and an outlet for my early frustrations.

In seven years time, this has been the greatest perfect storm yet. We are doing all we can to persevere. To make the most of what we do have now. Of our efforts in the last few months time. To work now for the future harvests. To look forward. And to just keep plugging along! 

We thank each and every one of you for coming along on this journey – and we hope you can also make the most of it! Thank you!

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