“Notify Me of New Posts Via Email”

Okay. Let me see if I can correctly correct some incorrect information I mistakenly posted below. Live and learn, especially when it comes to a Blog!

If you’re interested in “Notify Me of New Posts Via Email“, please see below. Let’s see if it’ll work for you and for me!

Okay. If you view a post on this blog you will notice a “Leave a Comment” line up above the post. Click On that. 

Go through the new page you then see, fill it all in as needed. At the bottom, then, you will see two boxes. One says “Notify Me of Follow-up Comments Via Email”. The other, “Notify Me of New Posts Via Email”.

If you’d like to be notified of new posts, Check that box : “Notify Me of New Posts Via Email”.

(And I think you have to do that on each different page for which you’d like notification. For example, on the Home Page, on the Honey Page, on the Recipe Page. I think!?)

Okay, for those of you techies who are scratching your head wondering about the “hayseed” writing this post: am I getting closer to the truth? Is that the accurate and correct way to be Automatically Notified?

Any advice to me, or to all of us to make this “Blog” more useful to the whole entire CSA would be wonderfully welcomed! Some pointers and expertise would be very valuable to me, if you’ve got it, share it! Thank you!




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