Community Supported Garlic!

10 August 2011

Thank you to all who came and celebrated this season of harvests together! We truly appreciate your support, encouragement, interest and efforts. And your cooking and generosity!

Throughout the day we had many hands of help, lots of great conversation and visitation, and a fabulous noon-time meal which remained for all afternoon snacking.

We got the garlic harvested from the field and hung in the shed for curing – expect cured garlic in your crates in about three weeks.

Many hands do indeed make lighter work. One mouth to feed, two hands to work. The straw mulching remains, and the garlic literally pulls easily by hand. It is back-bending though not back-breaking.

Once pulled from the earth, the garlic is crated and carted away…..

From the field, into the shade and cover. There the necks are pruned. The bulbs themselves are ready to be lightly bagged in onion sacks and hung from shed rafters to cure.

At that point in the Party, the camera was failing…. so we got only two shots of party fun!

If you do have any photos or commentary on your Garlic Harvest Fun, please let us all know! Once again, thank you to all for your support this season.


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