some news, some pictures, some goodbye’s-for-now

2 September 2011

(a quick note at the top : if you’d like bulk BASIL, please order ASAP – as the weather may not hold to keep delicate, frost totally intolerant basil alive. If you’d like EGGS contact us too!)

Mornings have sometimes looked like this lately…. Really wonderfully fall-like, autumnal. Sky high humidity, heavy fogs, and dark until later than I’d like!

Kate wonders if the tops and tips of the pepper plants have already seen frost damage! I have been more fixated on precipitation than temperatures. We are often 6 degrees cooler than any weather reports I hear, and I’ve heard mid and low 40’s already, so……?????

I’m really noticing that we are missing the few heavy, spotty rains of late (except today). We missed a downpour last week, and one yesterday. We could really have used them for new seedings and fresh transplants. The soils have been dry, my water duties have been heavy.

These spotty rains have come close, but not quite to our farm and fields! Today we did get heavy and hard rains. We are happy to get soaked! I’ll check the rain gauge when it stops.

early morning fogs like this one have been lingering some days

hope you’ve enjoyed the sunflowers. we have! from the field, to the buckets, to your hands.

this is the violet queen – a cauliflower/broccoli mix. we have a lot planted, and hope to bring it to you!

some of us wish to remain anonymous

others do too, but I cannot allow that! Sirah has worked with us, and worked well and hard with us, for four years! She is off to college adventures now!

she has sprayed me with that hose only one more time than I’ve soaked her – but who’s keeping track? (luckily I had the camera in hand this day and she respects electronics)

even without photodocumentation we’d remember her and her socks!

Our friend and excellent helper Heidie has also gone back to school. (I can’t find the pictures right now…. ugh!) We greatly and truly appreciate all of the help and unending enthusiasm they’ve brought to us. We wish them all the best as they return to their studies and forge forward into their very bright futures!

One thought on “some news, some pictures, some goodbye’s-for-now

  1. Ahh. Our lovely Sirah and all the fun she added to our work days on the farm. She is missed though we will try to lasso her in next summer. After a year at college I’m sure she will miss our vegetables and farm lunches. Nice post Chris, keep up the good work.

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