greens, and some are not green!

28 September 2011

We are eagerly holding onto summer bounties, though mostly moving into fall goodies. This week you will receive some summer stand-by’s and new greens.

On the horizon I see more asian greens, salad mix, beets, carrots, winter squashes, more spinach, head lettuce, potatoes, garlic, and onions. I have more broccoli, green and red cabbage, violet queen cauliflower, and collard plants: I’m really wondering about enough heat and time to pull them through to maturity though. I hope for a few pleasant surprises mixed in too!

As far as asian greens, in general: you can certainly eat raw. Choose a favorite dressing! I enjoy a creamy dressing, as it helps mellow some of the bite of some of the spicier greens. Also, stir-fry, braise, lightly steam. Minimal cooking is our preference. (Click on the “Recipe Tab” of this blog, browse through and you’ll find lots of good recipe ideas.)

Some of the greens are not yet on this blog’s “Veggie Identification” tab. So, let’s go through a few of them: (I’ve linked to Johnny’s Selected Seeds and/or Fedco for excellent pictures and descriptions.)

Green Lance  We’ve not got it yet, hopefully soon! I see some decent shoots coming.  It should be tolerant enough of the evening  frosts – we do need some heat during days though! Everything I read says it’s really yummy. I love the look of it.

Tatsoi First delivery this week. Thick, substantial, dark green – look almost like big, over-sized, individual Brussel Sprout leaves. Mild broccoli flavor, very good stir-fried and in soups.

Ruby Streaks  You’ve received this once or twice. The Fedco catalog and company are an absolute favorite of ours. Check it out: It’s a total black and white newsprint catalog with sound “corporate values”, excellent seed sourcing, foodie descriptions, and real entertainment. Check out their ruby streaks description and it’ll just make it taste better!

Arugula As Fedco states, “Few people are indifferent to arugula: most of us love it, a few despise it. Musky green and its piquant blossoms will spice up your salads.”

Red Russian Kale YES, more kale! If you want greens in your diet, put them in your mouth! Eat – prepare your kale as you would spinach! And if you have “too much”, lightly blanch it and freeze it for soups in the dark winters!

Collards I couldn’t quite find a picture of the variety we grow – but this’ll give you a very close idea. Thick, substantial leaf. Good raw, real chewy!, and cooked… Black-Eyed Peas!

Hope you enjoy! And hope these links help you to better enjoy them!

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