Thanks be to you all!

19 October 2011

Just a reminder, this is our final week of delivery. 18 solid weeks have passed already!

Recently I’ve been using a work lamp to start before the sun’s (late) rise. I set out your crates, sanitize and fill tubs and spinner. Sometimes even stock your crates with potatoes, garlic, and onions while waiting for the sun (and my Mom).

There’ve been three or more mornings that I’ve waited for the plants to thaw before harvest. Two of them were weeks ago, one was yesterday. The leafy greens are often frost tolerant enough to take some cold for some while. You must harvest them once dethawed though, or they’ll be ruined. The protective canopies of many of the non-tolerant plants have been beaten enough by the cold that the fruit or veggies below are now totally exposed. We did find some exquisite tomatoes even yesterday though! Enjoy! 

My Mother, Terry, has been my principal harvest help since school started. She’s done a great job, and has been helpful and dedicated above and beyond! Thank You Mom! Kate has been chipping in good harvest help too. She often sweeps in, lifts our spirits, and plugs away at some extra harvests. We eat lunch together – yum – and usually pack the crates together too. Thank you to Kate!

As cool as it has been lately, those many heat advisory days are still seared into my memory!

I have garlic to plant yet. Anybody interested in chipping in on this? We’d be ever grateful for helping hands! Also a lot of irrigation and field clean-up, some last cover-cropping with rye, spreading of compost, readying for winter and dormancy. We’re wanting to complete a new winter hen-house, and extend some winter fencing for the pigs – all in hopes of making winter chores just a bit easier (especially with their water).

Thank You to each of you for allowing us to farm some of your food. Your patience and enthusiasm, support and enjoyment have been absolutely invaluable to me. Visiting with many of you on the curbside (sometimes about food, sometimes not) is definitely a high point in my weeks!

Please take some time to complete the 2011 Survey. Your feedback will help sculpt our CSA. Late in the year I will reply to the overall feedback, and our experience of the 2011 season too. (I’m actually thinking that this sort of evaluation might be valuable about mid-stream too?)

 Thanks be to you all!


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