Veggie CSA Survey 2011

Swier Family Farm

Veggie CSA 2011 Evaluation and Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to help us better understand your needs. Your frank evaluation is invaluable, tell us the “bad” and the “good”. We all have room to grow!


Did you have a full share ____ or a half share ____ How many people ate from your share ____


Did you eat:     Them All Up     Most, Tossed Some     Just a Few Veggies


The variety was:     What Variety?     Just Right     Overwhelming


The quantity of veggies was:    Too Little     Just Right    Overwhelming


Was the seasonality and the uncertainties of the weekly crate’s contents and quantities an adventure ____ or a terrible stressor ____ How might we help with this?



The price you paid was:     A Steal     A Worthy Deal     Too Much For Too Little


Did we meet your overall expectations (1 to 10, 10 being well met): ____  


Do you expect to purchase a share next year?     Yes____    No____

If no, please detail (this could be a most valuable lesson for us):



What veggies did we not grow that you would like? Or would like more of?



In your opinion, what would you like less of, or none?



In the past we have brought a Community Crate/ Trade Crate/ Grab Crate. Could this have helped improve your experience (1 to 10, 10 being greatly helped): ____


The next few are: 1 to 10, 10 being Absolutely! : In this CSA experience, is communication important to you ____ Did we provide enough opportunity for communication ____  Was communication accessible on the “curbside” ____ Did you use the Blog ____ Facebook ____ What might we do to better this part of the experience?



 Please detail any of your answers. Feel free to include any other suggestions, feedback,  constructive criticisms, questions, comments, inspirations….


Thank you So Much!

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