2012 Season Ahead

January 2012

We’ve been reflecting back, and looking forward. We’ve been re-evaluating the 2011 season, this time with some distance. We’ve jumped back into all this contemplation again recently, knowing that in the next three weeks we must turn decisions to actions. The plan must begin! Seeds and supplies must be ordered and purchased. The sooner the better.

“Why, it seems so early? Look at the snow!” Yep, I agree. Ordering and paying early is the way the growing world seems to work. “Farmer early buy programs” were in our mailbox in December. Deadlines are soon! This insures you get what you order at the best price possible (hopefully).

The planning this time of year is fueled largely by Hope! We’ve got to get a jump on Spring Fever and “Spring Fiction”. You know, those wondrous first inklings of the re-births ahead. The excited anticipations and the spirit of absolutely anything and everything being possible.

We are attempting to finalize some planning for 2012. We have many rough drafts which are growing smoother and finer each attempt. The details are growing clearer. And the plan must begin!

I will be in touch in the next few weeks. I will share reflections on 2011, and the plans for 2012. We will be hoping for your continued support, and many references and recommendations of new “recruits” to the great foods we offer. We do appreciate your support! Thank you.

Do hope this finds you and yours well,



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