the newest view from the doorstep

Well, the old camera was eating batteries like we want you to eat our farm food. We’d re-load batteries into the camera. Even turned off, on the counter, it’d chomp the charge in three or four hours. We’d re-charge the batteries again, go to the girls’ school program, and Bam! batteries dead! This thing was hungry.

The new camera is much improved, technologically. (I’m still the same old operator though.) We’ll have to play with it, see how it actually displays best on the blog. The two pictures below are taken from the same doorstep perspective as the post from a few weeks back. The ZOOM is zoomier, obviously!  

Above, you see Indie at her guard house. It’s a mobile home. Very comfy and cozy, homey really. And very easy to move. Last year we parked it, and her, in the front gardens.

Unfortunately she is only one, and the gardens are many. Of course, much like you and me, she could only be in one spot at a time. Unlike Freddie, Indie couldn’t be trusted to guard without being hooked to the house. She has young enthusiasm, many interests, and no time to sit still. 

This is February 2012, again from our doorstep. The pigs eat baled hay we purchase from a Certified Organic farm near us. They love the taste and enjoy the waste. It’s a June Clover Hay. They eat the heads, mostly, and do leave a lot of stem. Some people might say that it looks like a lot of waste. Tell that to the pigs. And the soil.

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