Pastured Pork & Garlic For Sale

We currently have frozen, pastured pork for sale by the cut:

pork sausage $5.75 per pound (1 pound packages)

sweet italian bratwurst $7.00 per pound (4 brat’s per pound)

We also have garlic $6.00 per pound

The final week of May 2012 we will have pastured pork for sale by the half and whole. How does this work?           

Your CSA investment in pastured pork is a pre-buy of product. As such, this is a very safe investment. This is our fifth year pasturing pigs. When the pork is ready in late May 2012, you will already have credit toward product. We can accept your pre-payment at anytime, though the sooner the better for us!

Our principal cash outlay for the pigs is certified organic feed. We purchase grain from the Graham’s in Rosebush, and hay from Stardust Farm in Lake (both in Isabella County). Details and photos of our pastured pork can be found at:

CSA Commitment

CSA brings community members, farmers, food and land together. CSA is a concept and a practice, requiring relationships of mutual trust, understanding and flexibility. As a CSA member you will buy a share of our harvest in anticipation of the upcoming growing season. We assume the risks and receive the rewards.  As partners in community and agriculture, we share the benefits of abundance and the risks of failure.  We will all do our best to nurture this CSA this season.

Payment Options Due As Soon As You Can

For a whole or half hog, we charged $3.30 per pound, hanging weight, in 2011. We will be right in that ball park for 2012.
You will have two separate bills due. One to the Swiers for the pig, one to the Grahams for the processing. If we assume a general hanging weight of 90# per half: your total bill, roughly: $300 to Swiers, $80 to Grahams.

I am interested in (please circle):   

whole hog approximately 90#-120# commercial cuts, approximately $420  to Swiers

half hog approximately 45#-60# commercial cuts, approximately $210  to Swiers

select cuts  these will be sold 1st come, 1st serve. Place your downpayment now.We will contact you with details and availability.

Pricing on select cuts will be in the 2011 range:
pork sausage  $5.75 per pound (1 pound packages)
pork chops      $7.25 per pound (approx. 1 pound packages)
sweet italian bratwurst   $7 per pound (4 brat’s per 1 pound package)
deli sliced ham $7.15 per pound (1 pound packages)
ham steaks     $7.15 per pound (range of size packages)
bacon              $7.40 per pound (1 pound packages)




Please return this form with your payment.

Thank You!

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