What’s keeping me busy?

What’s keeping me busy?

Chores for the pigs have been streamlined, by design. It is really nice when things do work according to plan!  

And I’ve been thinning oak from dense stands. I will innoculate these 40 inch lengths with Shiitake spawn in the next 6-8 weeks. I’ve got 200 logs cut. Hoping for one more excursion to the woods to cut 50 more. Mushrooms will be for sale this summer!

Also been working at a near-by Organic Valley dairy – Stardust Farm. That’s where we get compost, hay, straw, seed, equipment, work, and a lot of neighborly support!

Yesterday I drove to Howell, 300 miles roundtrip, to pick up a pallet’s worth of certified organic soil mix to use in the germination hoophouse. I also bought 21 more black crates. It does take extra effort to be organic – though it is 100% well-worth it!

I’ve bought at least 80 separate vegetable varieties recently. The exact # escapes me. A whole lot of mushroom materials, some bee stuff, 2000# certified organic grain for the pigs, some buckwheat for cover cropping… We’ve gotten a $1000 gravel project quote (half the price of the first quote) – do we have a $1000 problem? And we’re wondering how long hope can keep that black truck and the yellow tractor a-runnin’. We’re waiting to hear about a hoophouse grant, and are looking to buy new plastic and put it on the big hoophouse this year. It’s definitely an adventure for us too!



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