CSA Sign-Up Reminder

Hello Everybody!


The weather is turning, our efforts are building! Just a friendly reminder to sign-up as soon as you can for CSA 2012. We do still have Veggie, Pork, Mushroom, and Honey shares remaining.


To reach our financial goal, we’d like to ask you to spread the good word and help attract more shareholders. We do need your help with this. Your word-of-mouth is our greatest marketing asset. We do appreciate all of your efforts to support us and help us to continue to grow!


(We would greatly benefit from any help reaching out to CMU, FSU, any local grade schools, and Canadian Lakes. If you belong to a list-serve with outreach to many, we’d be glad to prepare a CSA blurb. We are trying hard to drum up business, and we could really use your help!)


You can find CSA sign-up forms at swierfamilyfarm.wordpress.com , just click on the “csa sign-up, information and forms” tab.


thank you greatly!


chris swier 



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