Vote For Us, Please

hello everybody~
The vast majority of the food and flowers we grow is distributed and enjoyed by our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group. We’ve applied for a grant. For years we’ve been contemplating a small, enclosed trailer for deliveries. We just haven’t been able to place the cash outlay as priority number one through ten. We could certainly use your support once again! (Please don’t erase this message quite yet!) 
The granting organization has very cleverly included a voting component to the grant process. If you have an extra minute, it’s quick, really. Please click on this link and click on the grey thumb’s up icon:
Thank you greatly. And if you have any other individuals or groups you think would be interested and willing to vote for us, please pass it on.
I know. This is so like junk mail, or a chain letter. How many do you really need in your inbox, right? I’m really hesitating on sending it out. I just found out about this voting element to the grant process, and the deadline is March 31. Just trying to increase our odds, and I know you’d like to help us with that!
We had to answer a series of questions for the grant. They then pasted our answers together to form our “story”. It’s not my best writing. Oh well. I did try hard, in the midst of my other juggling acts!
I’m going to try to write a piece on our blog about our Carbon Footprint. Our greatest Farm fule usage is by far on the road for deliveries. A small, enclosed trailer for deliveries could help with this greatly. How? By hooking a nice trailer to a vehicle getting much better fuel efficiency than our trusty, rusty farm truck. I’m still thinking about the Carbon Footprint idea, ruminating really.
thanks again, I do appreciate your time and effort to help us with this!

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