Piglets Arriving!

Piglets are here! The youngest sow farrowed many piglets in the night. How many? Many! Looks like just over a dozen live, with one stillborn. The sow was, understandably, a bit skittish when I entered the shelter. It’s her first time, and she was being motherly. So, I counted as best I could from afar. What pleasant weather for them all! (No paparrazi until at least Tuesday, as the camera is elsewhere.)

I’ve been noticing weeds in about 1/3 of the garlic already. Grasses. We mulch in the fall, very heavily with certified organic straw. This usually keeps weeds pretty well at bay until garlic harvest the next July. Not so well in this garden this year it seems. So yesterday I spread another 5×5 round bale of organic straw (somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 pounds). I hope to’ve spread enough to hold back the weeds, not so much as to’ve stunted or killed the garlic underneath.

We do have quackgrass. In Ecuador a similiar “weed” grass was called kikuyu. Sure sounds similiar.

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