Big Rapids, Canadian Lakes, Reed City

As far as Big Rapids, Canadian Lakes, or Reed City: we’ve got a good handful of families from each! Thank You! We do welcome any suggestions you might have to help us attract more members from your area. And we’d certainly encourage you to help us drum up more shares too. We do still have room for more shares, especially on Thursdays.

We do not have quite 10 shares from each site (Big Rapids, Canadian Lakes, Reed City), though, which is the minimum we’d like to justify our delivering the crates to you. We do have solid numbers though to have a “Ride-Share”, if you choose. Basically, you’d all help one another out.

If there’re five of you, and you organize, you’d drive out only one Thursday every five weeks. The other four weeks your Ride-Share members would do their driving. You’d all decide on a central location near enough and convenient enough to you all (it could even be your house). That’s where you’d get your crate of fresh produce four out of five Thursdays!

We’d be happy if we had ten shares in your area, and we know you would too. Help us attract more shares and we’ll see you soon!

We will be delivering to Mt. Pleasant (Tuesdays) and Remus (Thursdays). Farm pick-up’s are Thursday. Help us make more deliveries possible. Thank you!


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