Pastured Pork For Sale

We do have select cuts of our pastured pork for sale now.

Prices are as follows:

Sausage  $5.75/# (1 pound packages)

Chops  $7.25/# (size varies, 2 per package)

Sweet Italian Brat’s  $7.00/# (four per package)

Deli (sandwich) Sliced Ham  $7.15/#  (1 pound packages)

Ham Steaks  $7.15/# (size varies)

Bacon  $7.40/# (1 pound packages)

Roasts  $5.75/# (approx. 2# each)

We also have half and whole hogs for sale in late May. Price is $3.30/# hanging weight. You pay the processing fees too. (We can have halves and wholes for sale in fall too, if interested). Contact us if interested!

We also have feeder pigs for sale in the next month or two – You can raise your own! Again, contact us if interested!

For some great photos and more information on our pigs, their raising, and why this is absolutely, positively, undeniably the best pork for you, click on the tab for “pigs and pork” right here on this blog.

Thank You!


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