a look around

We’re not breaking any land speed records this season…. And, where-oh-where did April, the whole month, go?

Our first harvest-delivery is a bit of a pressure point for us  – we feel it’s a bit of a grand-opening! We want to have a decent arrangement of great foods – enough variety, enough quantity, and the best of qualities! We also need to have plenty of helping hands on the harvest days to make it happen – this is absolutely, positively necessary. Food in the field is not yet food in your crate at your curb. So, taking much of this into account…. June 19th for MP, June 21 for Remus.

Anybody interested and available to pitch in?

We’ve been busy. We’ve had more hired help and earlier hired help than ever before. Very helpful! He’d like to remain anonymous, a bit of a web recluse. I second that emotion.

We’re going to stroll around the farm and look at what’s what!

Here are the two bee hives – thriving and living it up. Working and gathering for delayed harvests. We’ll have honey for sale in the fall!


Remeber our $1000-$2000 drainge problem quotes in the spring? This translated to slick, greasy, deep mud… Mud which caked and coated and stopped 4wd’s even… No steering whatsover, zero traction – very tricky to “get around” from the shed to the hoophouse, etc, etc. Well…. we’ve gone the buy less, spend less route. It takes more time and effort on our part, though less money up-front. Below is part of our own solution, field stones from the fields make a decent underlayment for farm lanes: (the last few times I’ve been on the computer rotating the image has been troublesome. Sorry. Rotate your head and enjoy the cobblestone!):

Irrigation has been a valuable portion of our insurance policy – especially when we had that batch of extreme hot, dry and windy days – day-after-day. We’d transplanted out brassica’s during that period – almost got burnt bad. Who knew it’d be so hot, so windy, so long…. in May?

We’ve been nursing our mushrooms along. Encouraging establishment and innocualtion in the media – some of which is natural logs (shiitake and oyster), other in straw (wine cap). We’ll have mushrooms for sale this year!

We’ve spent time and money on reinforcing our deer and bunny deterrence. We’ve been improving our fencing – continue with our dog deterrence too. The gardens are small and many, dispersed around. The dogs – we have two – are mobile deterents. Not perfect, not 100% proof, but a solid deterrence most of the time. There are nice, green, shady strips in or near each garden – the dogs tend to spend their nights there. Days roaming free. It’s a tough job. Someone’s got to do it!

Here’s a bed covered in Rye, an intentional cover-crop from last fall. We’ll let it go, it’s in seed now, and work it in once dried down. It’s one more way we feed the soils, deter the weed crops, break some disease/pest cycles, and rotate crops too. 

Below aresome colored lettuces and broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts we’ll be cultivating for your enjoyment SOON!

Here’s sone onions (smaller, in straw mulch) and GARLIC! The scapes are emerging and twisting so we’ll have fresh, subtle, delicate garlic flavorings at first harvest!

Does your computer ever NOT behave according to the plan? Tilt your head again, sorry. We got a grant! Yes, we got a grant for a passive solar, no electric, high-tunnel! I’ve applied three years running, and the third was the charm! Try, try again. And again. Right now it’s a big erector set puzzle of steel tubing and rough-cut dimensional lumber. Hopefully sooner rather than later it’ll be a puzzle in the sky, up off the pallets, covered in tight plastic! This is an excellent project for group participation! Anybody, anybody at all can help and contribute to this project if interested. It’s great fun to put one up, not rocket science – it is a large pile of a puzzle to erect and make sense of. Want to help? Contact me!

It’s been warm, even at 9:30 am, in our germination hoophouse. We’ve had stretches of time that germination suffered because it was too hot – in April and May. Wow.

Is your neck sore yet? Sometimes we like to hide in paperwork – other times we avoid it like the plague. Sometimes it just goes in starts and fits – booms and busts. Thanks for your patience with this short farm tour. Contact us and come out for the real thing.

And, last for today. We did not get a grant for an enclosed delivery trailer. Our intent is to walk, actually drive, ever so lighter with our CSA deliveries. Without the grant we’ve made some switches and some purchases, other than a trailer, to try and get closer to better! Our family van is being recruited for farm vehicle. You’ll see me soon delivering in it! Sometimes I may have the children along too. Let’s make it work and let’s make it fit! 


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