19th and 21st June 2012

That’s a close-up of Arugula! Ohhh my are we ready for some fresh, slightly spicy, pungent, wonderful arugula! It is so fantastically tastey. This veggie, though, stirs strong reaction – you’ll have definite opinions about this green! Have at it this week – tell us what you think!

A quick steaming, or a very quick pan wilting of arugula will settle the taste some – making it mellow and much more mild. This prep – wilting of arugula – is really good with a pasta dish. Arugula and pasta are fabulous together.

Or, eat it raw! Mix it with some of this week’s head lettuce, shredded. It’s really good and strong straight too. It’s got a flavor all its own!

Some more housekeeping for our Veggie CSA 2012: Definitely check out our Veggie I.D.   It’s a page on our website which will help you better identify some of our quirkier veggies. The Recipe Page  is handy, check it out!

We would really love YOU to share YOUR recipes with us all! It’s easy. Click on “Leave a Comment” near the top of the posts. Or, scroll way down and “Leave a Reply”. You can leave us feedback, stories, whatever – anything you might like to share with us all. We’d like to hear it and hear about it!

Also note, you can easily search this website too. Look to the far right of the website pages (you might have to scroll down some) and there’s a “search” box. Easy. So, type in garlic scape, and find what you find. It’ll tie into recipes, etc, etc, if it’s on our website.

These are garlic scapes, which are in your crate this coming week. Ohhhh, subtle, delicate garlic flavor! Really good. Eat them like a green onion – chopped, raw in a salad. Or, chope “em small and cook with them. Roast them, grill them. Just eat ’em. If you like garlic, here’s a fun, nice, gentle garlic twist.


1 pint swier family farm minced garlic

garlic scapes


head lettuce – various colors and shapes!

arugula (bagged)

radishes – various colors and shapes! (easter egg and/or french breakfast)

bagged kale or collard or chard

a bundle of rye, for fun!

possibly: salad mix, broccoli

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