some days we might just need to imagine the world differently…’s one of my options today

Do refrigerate your minced garlic! Then just scoop out as needed, and, of course, enjoy!

Do return your black crate next week. We’re really attached to the crates. I hope you’re not. I know, they’re so handy. Fantastically so. That’s why we need them back. Return them to me next week. You give me an empty, I give you a full. We trade, week-in, week-out. When it works, it’s great – smooth, easy, efficient. Or, better yet, empty your crate at your pick-up site into your own bags, and leave me the crate. This works really, really well, especially for those of you who share a share.

If you want to communicate with me, or us, do! Being a part of this CSA this year does take effort. Feel free to reach out to us, or your CSA community. You can reach me by email, phone, this website, facebook (sometimes)…. or at your pick-up site. I know, the curbside can be hectic. It might take effort to “grab me” through the flurry – but please do! I know many of you, and I look forward to meeting and knowing all of you better. I do look forward to deliveries, and to the interactions – don’t be too shy!

Do search this site. There is a “search” box. And a veggie i.d., if you’re confused about what you’ve got in your hand, or bag, or crate.

Please, please share your recipe ideas with us all. It is absolutely necessary that we enjoy this food, of course! Help us all through this process, please. Share your recipes – let us know what works well for you, for your kids, and, of course, for your spouse too. And dinner guests, potlucks, etc. Share your trials, successes, and don’t be shy about “flops”. Oh well. Recipe sharing really is a great contribution to us all.

What do I do with these curly things? The long, green, curly “things” are garlic scapes. They are the true flower/seed stem of our hardneck garlic varieties. The bulb and its cloves are under ground, the scape is above. We snap the garlic scape from the plant, “forcing” the energies to devote to the bulbs and cloves. You can eat the scape – and it’s good. It’s a very mellow, delicate garlic flavor. Subtle. Smeels more garlicky than tastes. The white droplets are its oil,which is potent, yes! 

Treat them, eat them like you would a green onion. Eat them raw, chopped fine, mixed in with this week’s lettuce. It’s a really nice touch to a fresh, green salad. Really mild.

Chop them and include them in anything you’d like onion or garlic. To taste. Always to taste.

Roast them. Or stir fry them. Soooo good. Really almost green-bean-esque. Nice and done, crispy is yummy. We eat them this way by themselves.

Someone mentioned they’d never seen a broccoli plant, live in a field. Well, here’re some photos from today. This is kale, large and grown to bunch.

here’s broccoli plants. Many not headed out yet. We do multiple, successional plantings.

here’s a broccoli head on the plant.

and large swiss chard, ready to bunch. it is a really delightful and beautiful plant. really colorful, vibrant. Just cool to look at!

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  1. Hi Chris,
    We had the lettuce and arugula for dinner yesterday and it was a great salad mix! I added garlic scape to our Filipino chicken rice soup (aka arroz caldo) along with the usual chopped scallions and it sure gave the soup a very nice garlicky almost spicy flavor! We liked it very much. Would you mind educating me on the other two loose greens with curly edges please? Should I use them for salads, the same way as arugula? Thanks much!

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