the crate shuffle – or, bag your harvest

I’ve heard these crates called many things. Baskets. Buckets. “Curvers” are their official, industry name.

For us they are very, very handy. We have going on 200 of them. Each of them is a special darling to me. As they are to you – when they’re full of your food!

These crates are central to keeping us moving without undue stress or strain. The crate above tells me many things. It “belongs” to “Grandma and Grandpa“. They pick up at the Farm. On Thursday. That little strip of duct tape and writing help keep us on track. When we’re dealing with approx 200 of them, we need some level of efficiency. Ours is rudimentary, though it works!

Please do return your crates each and every week. Or, better yet, bag or box your produce right when you pick it up. You can sort through your food, ask me, “What is this?” Check it all out, right there and then. This, then,  leaves me with the crate. You with the food. And you don’t have to remember your crate for exchange the next week.

When we do not have your crate, it creates extra, undue work for us. When we have to inventory and re-tag 5 or 8 or 10 crates, it becomes more time, effort, stress and strain than it needs to be. We’d rather be harvesting your food and placing it in Your Crate!

From what I’ve read, and heard, an early form of Community Supported Agriculture began in Japan. Off the top of my head, don’t quote me too literally, it was in the late 60’s or 70’s. A group of motivated Mothers grouped together. They were concerned about chemical contaminants in their food supplies. They wanted clean, simple, straight, fresh food. This marked a beginning of “food with the farmer’s face on it”. Some claim this was a start of CSA.

Some very dear friends of ours have a handwritten sign as you enter their home (they raise some really nice grassfed and grass finished beef too. Contact us if interested):

You know your dentist,

You know your doctor,

Do you know your farmer?

This really cuts to the point. Food as nourishment. Food as first medicine. Have a strong, familiar relationship with your grower. We truly believe, and we are practicing this. Together. You have all allowed us to, you are along with us! There’s a whole lot of trust wrapped up in this. A responsibility we do not take lightly.

We also eat what we grow. Just like you. We feed this same food to our family. To our friends. At our home. On our table. I trust this food. As we grow through the season, I’d really encourage you to better understand your food. We will discuss and explain some of our growing practices. If you are interested, please ask us “Why?”. Keep asking why. Learn more. I think you’ll be delighted!

I do appreciate feedback. Constructive criticism is actually a great learning tool for us. Hearing the “low-down” is necessary. It helps us grow. If you’ve got questions or concerns, please don’t sit quiet with them.

eat well!



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