We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to those CSA Mushroom members who so graciously and generously invested in us to start mushrooms (in 2011). Many invested early, a whole year or more before mushroom harvests! The “seed monies” aided us in start-up costs, and bolstered our confidence to begin. We are honored to be so trusted! Pure CSA!

(We’ve also had similiar, wonderful participation with honey!)

Today was our first significant harvest and delivery! Yum, so yum!

We will be selling “extra” shiitake at $12 per pound. Today’s brown bags were 1 pounders. Let us know if you’d like to order some, or we’ll bring what we can to deliveries. Thank you!

A NOTE: SEPARATE THE SHIITAKE CAP FROM STEMS. THE STEMS ARE NOTORIOUSLY TOUGH. The best suggestion thus far: dry the stems and grind (in a clean, coffee grinder). Then use for a soup stock, or for a tea.

2 thoughts on “Shiitake!!

  1. That’s great news about shiitake mushrooms. And it reminded me that we totally forgot our food today! Sorry. Any way to get it still?

    • hello Sandra~

      If you could pick it up in downtown Remus (Hometown Health Food store), Thursday 4:45-6pm. Please call us by phone (tel#989-382-5436) and let us know if that might work for you!


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