We need your help on 3 Harvest Days – 26, 31 July & 2 August – Reminder

Just a friendly reminder: We are short-staffed on some up-coming harvest days, and, honestly, we really need some helping hands! If you’ve got some time and some inclination, please call to let us know (tel 989-382-5436). Any help will really help! Thank you in advance!

details follow: 

I need some volunteer harvest help: 26th and 31st July, and 2nd August. (Most, and especially Tuesday the 31st of July, please.)

The harvest help entails a number of different things – some of which are full-force physical, others “just” bagging and sorting and filling crates for your fellow shareholders. There’s work for all, and, of course, families and kids are welcome too! I’ll write a bit more about this below.

This season, 2012, we have 50 full vegetable shares. The bulk of the harvest is done by 2 people, all by hand and back; with one other pitching in, as able, for about half a day. We’re getting our legs under us, we’re hitting our groove better each time. It is a serious hustle though. We harvest only twice a week, on Tuesdays or Thursdays, rain or shine. In the early morning we cut and harvest the food from the fields. We usually cruise around and visit most of the small garden plots, harvesting the foods which are ready. We pull it all in, something like this:

We then tank most of the veggies, to cool and rinse. Then it’s about lunch time. Here’s some food in the tanks.

After a quick lunch we might harvest a few extra of this or that, or something we might’ve forgotten. Then we spend the next few hours sorting, rinsing, and packaging the foods. Then we place them into your individual crates for delivery. This is a very social and enjoyable time, lots of cold water (usually feels nice!), time in the shade (again!), and usually a chance to talk and visit.

So, if any of you has the time and inclination, we’d be ever grateful. Please just let me know as soon as you know – then I can fret less!

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