Peppers, Cukes, Eggplant, Flowers!

Some of the heat-lovers are rolling in! We’re eagerly anticipating this transition toward many of the crowd-pleasing garden favorites. Many of these are very recognizable, though maybe not quite exactly what you see in the supermarket? Partly because Our CSA is a bit like having your own garden! Through the years we’ve found proven performers – they work well in our gardens at our place. Grow ’em, eat ’em up, enjoy ’em. 

The early peppers are green, across the board. A garden-fresh green pepper is truly something special. (these are not store-bought!) They embody the warmth of summer, with a great, crunchy, juiciness. No they’re not sweet like a colored pepper, but they’ll become that way.

We grow a Lipstick : always small to medium in size, sweet, cone-shaped, will turn red later in season. Also an Anaheim: traditional, semi-flatttend, long roasting, chili relleno, stir fry, or anywhere you’d enjoy a pepper. Very versatile.

Cucumbers. Poona Khera: an heirloom noted for its golden brown skin at ripened stage. Looks somewhat like a potato. The fruits start out white, maturing to yellow and then brown. Are delicious at any stage – exceptionally crisp, sweet and never bitter. Excellent keeper – stores for weeks in the fridge without losing quality. Great for Pickles!! I know, it’s not green, and it never will be. Such a work-horse, proven-performer, ol’ reliable. Marketmore: a standard green slicing cuke. Unfortunately we lost about 90 row feet of Marketmores…. Let’s just say there might be a shortage of cukes, especially greens in 2012. Ouch.

Eggplant. We have a number of varieties. Those coming in first (and pictured) are: Orient Express: sounds fast, doesn’t it? That’s why it’s coming first; relative to other eggplant this is lickity-split! It’s long, slender, dark purple or black, does not bulk or bell out ever. Not meant to. Calliope: again, another proven-performer happy at the Swier Family Farm. Small to medium, variegated fruit. Striped. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Looks different, but tastes just like eggplant!

Flowers. Speak for themselves though don’t they? We’re trying to keep up with the flowers as best we can. Not exactly our first priority, since not a food to eat. The utility as a food for the soul, undeniable! We’re doing what we can to fairly distribute them. Hope it works for you. When they come, THEY COME, and they don’t hold – so we grab ’em while we can! You can too!


Here’s the designer, taking the fresh, field cut flowers and arranging them beautifully. Enjoy!

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