We Need Some Help Again, Please.

We’re running into another labor shortage. All of the nuclear, female Swiers are going to Girl Scout Camp (yep, even Mom. As a counselor.) Our hired help is going to the beach. I’m not.


especially Tuesday, 21st August: early ’til 4pm

Thursday, 23rd August: early ’til 4pm

We start as early as we can stand. We usually eat lunch around 12 noon. We pack the van and deliver at 4pm. I could use your help for any or all of that time, whatever works for you. If you’d rather not work, but would like to check it all out, no problem whatsoever: come around noon – support the workers!

The work is all across the board – from full-on physical in the elements, to a more laid-back packing and bagging of produce under cover. Mornings are in the field. Harvesting. 10 or 11am, we round it all up, tank much of the produce in cool, fresh water. Late mornings into the afternoons we start packing your crates: sorting, dividing, bagging. This is lighter, less physical. I need help with all of it.

We’ve had very helpfulvolunteers from age three on up to 70 years plus. We’ve had babies in slings and very young children playing “kitchen” in the sand box. You can do this! Don’t let a thing hold you back from chipping in! 

here’s a selection of photos, not all recent. Give you an idea of what you might be getting into:This, of course, says “weeding”, which it was. I don’t seem to have a photo of us harvesting on knees. (I’m a bit photo-phobic. Our hired help this year, even more so.) Sometimes early morning harvests are hands and knees too. Sometimes with pruners, sometimes with a harvest knife.

Chris V. and Chris S. weeding a bed of chard

here’s some of the processing happening. Shaded, under cover. Making it happen! 

This is our newest set-up, under a car-port. We fill the crates here. We’re all together at this point, can be a great social point. It’s “light-physical”. We work together, taking food out of tanks, bagging, sorting, packing crates. We would really use your help here. It’s a lot of work at this stage. But it’s work we could all do, no problem. 

I cannot guarantee such a tastey nor fun harvest lunch. BUT I WILL TRY! Lunch is at about 12 noon. If you don’t want to work, do come for this. We could use a morale boost, for sure.  

This is afternoon crate filling, a few years back. Our backs got tired, for sure. The crates are now, mostly, elevated, at least some. Not all are up and at ’em. It’s always a work in progress! (Two photos back is our most recent set-up.) Packing crates is light work.



Lugging produce out of the field. We fill crates with the bounty, load them to our trailer and off to our “Processing Area” they go. We have enough variety of foods: harvests can be light-physical to highly-physical, we won’t ask you to do anything too heavy. Don’t worry about that! We can work together, no problem!

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