Harvest 11 – August 28 & 30

if your pants look like this at 10 a.m.

they might look like this by noon

 if your hands look like this

they may still look like this, even after you wash ’em with hot water and soap

your crate will look about like this this week! hope you enjoy!

your eggplant might look like any of these


  • Please do complete your CSA evaluation/survey. We do appreciate your time with this, and your frank feedback too. We’re always looking for ways to get better!
  • We have frozen cuts of our own pastured pork for sale. Contact us.
  • We have extra basil for sale, $5.50 per half pound.

In Your Crate – Harvest 11




summer squash




salad mix

sweet peppers

hot peppers – black czech & jalapeno


swiss chard, bunched

possibly melon (full shares), edamame (Tuesday) or flowers (Thursday)

Recipe – Harvest 11  Pasta with Swiss Chard 

Thought I’d try something a little different this time – linking you to the recipe, online.Allrecipes.com is one of many, many online recipe resources. Check it out, you can find recipes to your heart’s content! 

hope you have a great week – eat well!  ~chris


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