feedback ~ constructive criticism


thank you to all who’ve returned our CSA survey/evaluation!

keep ’em coming, don’t be shy!

if you need another copy of our survey/evaluation, just holler.

Your feedback and constructive criticism is absolutely necessary, and beneficial. We need to hear what does and does not “work” for you. Let us know!

Here’s a very recent example.

To be honest, Kate and I do not always receive the same flowers and veggies as you. For example, we’ve not kept our own flower boquet in a few weeks time. Usually we’ll make enough for us to have one. But we’ll usually give it to a neighbor, or the Greentree Food Co-op in Mt. Pleasant, or Hometown Health in Remus.

I’ve noticed something about the amaranth (that deep maroon, pretty decorative) lately. It seemed really droopy by the time I got it to you. I didn’t like that. Not at all. But we never kept a boquet on our counter, instead we gave it away. Well, I thought about it and thought about it. But we’d not kept a boquet for any length of time in awhile.

We’d finished cutting all the primary amaranth shoots, those reaching straight and bolt upright into the sky. Then we began cutting the side shoots. These branched out almost horizontally and then curved upward into the sky. They seemed different. Felt different. They were. They were more limp, more droopy. And also had grown curvey, naturally. But, again, we’d not kept a boquet for any length of time in awhile.

Then yesterday we cut brand new amaranth, bolt upright shoots from a new seeding. By 6pm, in Remus, the leaves were looking burnt, as if they’d been frosted. I stripped the remaining leaves off. They looked miserable with those “burnt” leaves.

So I sort of knew some amaranth shoots were kind of limp and droopy (the side shoots). Then saw the leaves “burnt” last night. So, how have you found the amaranth to be?

This is just one example of information that’s helpful for me to know. How this all does or does not work in your experience really helps us know what’s worth doing. Letting me know some of our “problems” simply gives me a fair chance to problem solve. That’d be a big part of how we improve. Which we’d like to do!

again, thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it!   ~chris 



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