thanks be to all of you!

thanks be to all of you!

We would like to offer a great thanks to all of you who’ve endured and enjoyed the many foods throughout this 2012 season. We’ve had tremendous customer support – Thank YOU!

I’d also like to thank all who’ve been able to come out to the farm and chip in to help with the physical labor of the foods. We had long and dedicated help from many families at the Garlic Harvest Party and beyond. I had many days of short-staffing which were filled beautifully by a great variety and number of CSA shareholders, my Mom, and neighbors! We value your participation more than we can adequately express!

A heartfelt thank you to my parents for watching the girls many long days into the nights – so I could work uninterruptedly at what we do. Thank you to Kate for providing a much needed stability and presence. Thank you to the girls for chipping in often on harvest days, enjoying the packing of crates and bagging it all  up nice. Thank you to the many people who invested early in our pre-season CSA share offerings – whether veggies, mushrooms, honey, or pork (or all of the above!).  

I’d intended to include many people photos form 2012, knowing that we had few, but looking for some. Turns out, our collection is thinner than I’d thought. (We have many 2011 people pictures though. Kate handled the camera in years passed.) The picture below may explain some: 

None of us much wants to be in front of the camera. And we’re still learning how to use the beast and get the pictures on the web for you to view (without craning your neck)!

Honestly, I do have mixed feelings about the web presence. Without permission, I’d much rather maintain others’ anonymity in name and likeness.

so here’s the anonymous photo of all the great help we had this year – Thank You! 

we truly appreciate all of the fantastic support and help from each of you – thank you greatly!

and a few (semi-facetious) thanks go out to the bees

the flower designer

some of the deer control crew, who sometimes helped well

And, do remember, we’ve still got food for sale even now. Check out this recent web entry: Order Up! Contact us, the sooner the better given the weather. Late sales do really help pull us through winter’s cold.

thank you!

~chris, and the many others of the swier family farm 

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