Mission (to be) Accomplished!

We need some helping hands “pulling plastic” on hoophouses/high tunnels. Any and all your helping hands are absolutely, positively welcome! 

Thursday 8 November or Saturday 10 November

from early ’til done!

 you can do this!

What I now need help with simply entails lots of hands to hold plastic!

nothing more, nothing less: “Holding Plastic” 

if you are willing and able, please call me #989-382-5436

The sheets of plastic are 48 feet wide, 100 feet long, some 150 pounds plus each…. We open that up to the elements and you can see the wind! It’s an enormous sail or kite, possibly a balloon! 

Sometime in June I’d shared that we’d received an NRCS hoophouse/high tunnel grant (it becomes obvious that I was struggling with computers and orienting my photos back then too!):

“Does your computer ever NOT behave according to the plan? Tilt your head again, sorry. We got a grant! Yes, we got a grant for a passive solar, no electric, high-tunnel! I’ve applied three years running, and the third was the charm! Try, try again. And again. Right now it’s a big erector set puzzle of steel tubing and rough-cut dimensional lumber. Hopefully sooner rather than later it’ll be a puzzle in the sky, up off the pallets, covered in tight plastic! This is an excellent project for group participation! Anybody, anybody at all can help and contribute to this project if interested. It’s great fun to put one up, not rocket science – it is a large pile of a puzzle to erect and make sense of. Want to help? Contact me!”

Well, by now, we’ve made sense of the puzzle of steel on the ground. Yes it is a big Erector Set. I, and we, have been working triple time these last couple weeks getting this erected. Much else has been swept aside to get ‘er done.

here’re some photos of the process thus far

it’s a bunch of steel tubing and hardware, a real, bigger-than-life puzzle to assemble

each next step shapes it up

lots of ladder work

our ever-willing, intensely helpful, Peace Corps applicant, Jack

you’ve heard of him now here he is: thank you Jack!

Do call if willing and able – we’ll be ever-thankful for your helping hands, and you’ll enjoy the experience, guaranteed. We’ll have a nice warm lunch too.

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