“I will never forget the smell of cutting into a fresh cabbage!” (evaluation 2012)

“I will never forget the smell of cutting into a fresh cabbage!” (from one evaluation 2012)

storage cabbages, oct 2012


We do have food for sale now.

We’ll deliver! No purchase is too small!

Here’s some quick food for thought:

In 2012 you paid approximately $1.89 per pound of Swier CSA veggies. (In 2012, a full Swier CSA share received approx.  226.5 pounds of produce over 18 weeks. That averages out to 12.58 pounds per week.) In addition, you received 20 sunflowers and 4 mixed flower boquets, roughly a $36 value.

In 2012 we sent out an evaluation/survey mid-season. We thought that this mid-stride survey might allow some real-time response, and create some valuable conversations. Mostly, I was wanting to catch any possible “dire problems” as early as we could. If requesting an early evaluation could help some shareholders better enjoy their CSA, all the better!

We sent out an electronic version of the survey, and three electronic reminders. We also distributed at least one hardcopy to each shareholder. Overall, we received a 26% response rate. Of a possible 69 shareholders, we heard from 18. Most of those responses came late in the season, towards the tail end (you can still respond now if you’d like, it’s never too late!).

It seems that most shareholders felt most comfortable evaluating the season after it’d ended. This makes sense. Me too! I did postpone responding for quite awhile, anxiously awaiting more evaluations to roll in before I said too much (though there is a lot said throughout our postings on our website). Three weeks, or so, after final delivery I had 17 responses (1 more came this month).

Thank you for all your constructive criticisms and feedback!

Then I ran out of time to do much deep thinking, tallying, or evaluating! I had lots of end-of- season clean-up, we lost our hired help, I had a hoophouse/ high tunnel to construct, I started an off-farm job, and I’ve felt I’ve been racing against time and weather. Sounds dramatic. It has been.  

 I’ve also wanted to do a “perfect, comprehensive, fair and balanced” evalaution of the season. In the past I’ve written between one and three full pages of evaluation. Kate says I get way too wordy. Probably.

This year, available time (and maybe prudent thinking) is dictating that I do a few separate evaluation entries on our website. In the title of the posts, I will always include “(evaluation 2012)”. Tell me what you think about this less bulky, more dispersed approach.

For today, I’m going to include a number of your comments from the 2012 evaluation:

“the greens especially are gorgeous”

“identify every vegetable by picture on your blog”

“it is good stuff!”

“could use tips for storage”

“Our participation in this CSA was absolutely, positively great!”

“flowers fill our soul – sunflowers! wonderful!”

“I frequently forgot to collect veggies”

“I actually composted less with the CSA than purchases from Farmer’s Market”

“we would prefer either no plastic – or reusable zip bags”

“too many radishes”

“what I can’t use, I juice and freeze for soups”


you can find the Swier Family Farm website and you can find us on Facebook

2 thoughts on ““I will never forget the smell of cutting into a fresh cabbage!” (evaluation 2012)

  1. Hi Chris – I would like to order some food. I don’t have access to a phone right now. (I don’t know how to use the phones at the college – ha.- there is some elusive code…) Anyway…   1) 7 lbs. bacon 2) 7 lbs. sausage 3) ham steaks – up to 5 lbs. 4) squash – 3-4 acorn   Please let me know what works best for you. If you’re willing to drop off on your way to another errand, that would be great. Thanks Chris!



    • hello Jennifer~

      thanks for the order! we’ll do our best to meet it (we might be a bit short on some of the pork).

      I can drop off your order at 6:40am or 4pm Friday, if roads are clear.

      thanks again! chris

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