wanted: live, standing oak or maple

I’m in the process of planning for shiitake mushrooms in natural logs for 2013. For this, we need the logs. So, I’m working on locating logs. In the past we’ve worked well with neighbors very close to us. We’d like to stay as close to home as possible, though we are putting the word out further. If you, or someone you might know, has a dense stand and is looking for some selective thinning, please put us in touch.

I’m posting to Craig’s List and will be in touch with a few local foresters. Let me know if you have other ideas to get my word out.

Wanted: Live, standing oak or maple. I will cut and remove 30 to 40 trees, 4 to 8 inch diameters. Will walk woods with landowner, selecting and marking trees together. This will be a selective thinning of a dense stand, removing understory trees out-competed and crowded below the dominant canopy. Price negotiable. Please call: 989-382-5436.

oak lengths 2012

we’ll turn that pile of natural wood into this:

shiitake on natural log 2012

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