pork for sale

We’ve still got great foods for you!

Buy direct. We can make convenient arrangements for delivery. Enjoy some of these great foods: Buy local, buy organic, and buy tastey!

Our frozen pork cuts for sale!

Our pork has been bred, born and raised here. We pasture the pigs, rotationally rooting and grazing as best our seasons allow. We supplement with Grahams Organic, balanced feeds. These are healthy, vigorous, active animals. They benefit from the best of environments, very low stress and diverse feed sources. And they’re very tastey!

To learn and see more about our pigs click here

For Some Great Pointers on Pork Preparation: click on :  

Emile’s Tips for Cooking and Using Heirloom Pastured Pork
 Simply contact us directly, tel 989-382-5436, to place your order.

Sausage $5.75/# (1 pound packages)

Chops $7.25/# (size varies, 2 per package)  (sold out!)

Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, or Regular Brat’s $7.00/# (four per package)

Deli (sandwich) Sliced Ham $7.15/# (1 pound packages) (sold out!) 

Ham Steaks $7.15/# (size varies)

Bacon $7.40/# (1 pound packages)

Roasts $5.75/# (approx. 2# each) (sold out!)

Rack-o-Ribs $5.75/# (range 3# up)

Rendered Lard $5.50/#

Raw Lard $2.50/#

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