winter squash for sale

on a day like this

Picture 003

nothing better to do than fire up the oven, enjoy the extra heat, halve some squashes, throw ’em in

Picture 002

….meanwhile sit back, enjoy a good book….

enjoy a book while the oven cooks!

….or build a snow gal….

build a snow person while the oven cooks!

….or just lay back, relax….

lay back, relax, let the hot oven do the cooking!

….you’ll end up with this – YUMMY! – it is so naturally sweet!….

the "meat" of 4 and a half acorn squashes

Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash, $2.00 each

Acorn Winter Squash, $2.25 each  

For some awesome winter squash RECIPES, including some scrumtious pumpkin pie and “pumpkin” cake

contact us, however’s easiest for you, and we’ll make arrangements for a delivery easy for you too!

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