When I stewed with the numbers for awhile, I knew I’d made a mistake. In 2012, you did not pay $1.89 per pound of Swier Family Farm CSA Veggies, you paid $1.71 per pound of veggies!

Swier Family Farm

Here’s some quick food for thought:

In 2012 you paid approximately $1.71 per pound of Swier CSA veggies. (In 2012, a full Swier CSA share received approx.  226.5 pounds of produce over 18 weeks. That averages out to 12.58 pounds per week.) In addition, you received 20 sunflowers and 4 mixed flower boquets, roughly a $36 value.

Picture 033

Yes, you did! Organic, nutrient-dense, fresh today, thoroughly tastey, and absolutely authentically local!

harvest 11, 8/28/12


On top of that, there’s all these fuzzy intangibles that are such a large part of the Community Supported Agriculture experience. These are much more difficult to place a solid dollar value upon. In the CSA 2012 evaluation/survey we tried to gauge the value you place on these intangibles, some of which we’ll just look at below….. enjoy!   

Picture 042

 one CSA shareholder expressed so well for all of us: “flowers fill our soul – sunflowers! wonderful!”


David loving on the garlic

About the Garlic Harvest party, another CSA…

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