Mushroom CSA 2013

shiitake on natural log - early october 2012

above you see some of the shiitake mushroom we grew in natural logs


Swier Family Farm Mushroom Community Supported Agriculture 2013

We cultivate shiitake in natural logs, wine caps in certified organic straw, and oyster mushrooms in “totem logs”. We also offer storage, preparation, recipe ideas, and delivery. The mushrooms are positively organic and exquisite!

Our CSA Commitment

This CSA brings you, us, the Farm, and food together. Our CSA is both a concept and practice. This requires mutual trust, understanding and flexibility. You support stewardship of the farm and food when you buy a share of the upcoming harvest. As partners in community and agriculture, we pledge to share the benefits of abundance and the risks of failure. We will all do our best to nurture this Mushroom CSA this season.

Payment Options Due April 15th

I would like to order:

A Shiitake, Wine Cap, and Oyster Mushroom Mix

Pay $30 now, receive approx 3/4 lb, 4 times in 2013 (3 pounds total)

Your Name:

Your Address:

Your Phone:

Your Email:

Please return this form with your payment.

Thank You!

Swier Family Farm640 E 18 Mile Road – Remus, MI 49340 

Phone:  989-382-5436 

on facebook too

below are some of our spring Oyster Mushrooms, lovely and delicious

early spring 2012 - oyster mushroom

 and a close up of our harvested spring shiitake mushroom, beautiful and tastey too!

early spring 2012 - shiitake

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