Sign-up Now! Swier Family Farm CSA’s!

There is still room, and there is still time to sign-up for our CSA’s.

Room (and time) are drawing near – just get ahold of us.

Do spread the word

We are very close to the “critical mass” to warrant a Big Rapids delivery. If those of you in points west could drum up interest and shareholders, we’d be ever-grateful! 


What’ve we been doing lately?

(mostly) Getting ready for you!

here’s Jack weeding the new NRCS hoophouse

jack weeding NRCS april 2013

Jack deciding which row to hoe

Picture 028

been germinating all sorts of plants

germination april 2013

am very, very close to having all shiitake logs innoculated

Picture 029

underneath those branches, and frozen sleet and snow, and a layer of plastic tarp, lie a nice bed of Wine Cap mushrooms we seeded in our short sleeves. We’ve since doubled the bed size. All Wine Caps are seeded for 2013!

Picture 033

been spending big time in the mud

Picture 057

I heard rumor that the last downpour we got was 2.5″ rain

Picture 050

and that 4″ rain is on way in the next few days

Picture 051

this year I’ve already laid down 5 trailers of gravel, somedays though it’s like walking in a shallow, rushing creek

Picture 052

The amount of rain we got this past winter (remember that? January snow melt followed by massive daily downpours?), plus the spring snow melt, plus the (too) many inches of rain lately have almost gotten me to hire some help with our drainage issues… I got a second quote today…

Swier Family Farm

harvest 11 (still missing onions, garlic, edamame, salad mix), 20 pound mark!

Many people have asked me to re-post our 2013 Vegetable CSA Sign-Up, also, our 2013 Mushroom CSA Sign-up. In addition, it’s been suggested that we occasionally re-post to email and to Facebook. Repeated posts have a better chance of being seen in the busy stream.

If you could please help us spread the word that CSA sign-up’s are happening. We are accepting Vegetable, Mushroom, and Honey sign-up’s now. You can find the sign-up forms HERE   Please spread the word of what our CSA has meant for you in the past. Please share your comments with us – we’ll try to pass them on in future posts too!

Picture 013

We’ve got brochures for Vegetable and Mushroom CSA’s at Greentree Food Co-Op, Graham’s Organics, University Cup, Herbs Etc., Kava….. Hometown Health Foods, Hixson’s, Denslow’s, True Value Canadian Lakes…..Hilhof Dairy, Bigby, All About Health, and Peppers…

Any suggestions as to where else I ought to distribute…

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