when will the Veggie CSA start?



I’ve been craning my neck, really trying to see into the near future – “when will the veggie CSA begin? hmmmm…”

giraffe - st louis zoo 2013

many times I don’t seem to know what I see ahead… though it is dreamy!

eyes wide shut

sometimes it’s blurry, I can’t see beyond my own hands 


though many around me have simply been laying around 

yes, just laying around

trouble relaxing

I’ve been working

wet + muddy

I mean working! (if muddy means working!)

I mean muddy

working so hard I need to yawn even now

ho-hum  yawn, yawn

I just don’t know, right now, when the Veggie CSA will start.

We’re doing all we can to start as soon as we can. We’re all more-than-hungry for some fresh garden foods!

I’ll give you at least one week advance notice before we start harvests and deliveries. This’ll give you some time to clean out the fridge, eat up those perishables on the shelves, not shop so much, and prepare for some fresh garden veggies!

We’ve usually started our CSA sometime in mid-June. We’re doing our best to be ready right about then again. More details will follow in the next couple weeks.

thank you!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

2 thoughts on “when will the Veggie CSA start?

  1. Thanks for all the hard work getting ready! We are giddy with excitement, and practicing patience, for we know how the weather has been less than cooperative this spring. Be well Farmers!

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