Our CSA Adventure

got organic?

The growing season is moving forward full-force. The start of our CSA harvest season is just around the corner. As such, I’m both working and thinking towards that start. I remembered about a previous post “Our CSA Adventure”. I’d like to re-post it. Also remembered about some lines from a good book a friend of ours lent us (thanks Jeanne!). It’s all good food for thought!

~Chris Swier

harvest 11, 8/28/12

from:  The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love. Kristin Kimball. 2010. (pages 161-162)
…. “The central question in the kitchen would have to change from What do I want? to What is available? The time spent in the kitchen – in planning, in preparing, in cooking – would jump exponentially. Moreover, our frost-free growing season is only about a hundred days. To eat perishable food out of season, you have to make the time to can or freeze it while it is fresh and abundant. Those projects are fun and satisfying if you have the time for them, but if you’re working a full-time job while trying to satisfy the needs of your children, they begin to seem sweaty and tedious. Maybe most important, farm food itself is totally different from what most people now think of as food: none of those colorful boxed and bagged products, precut, parboiled, ready to eat, and engineered to appeal to our basest desires. We were selling the opposite: naked, unprocessed food, two steps from the dirt.
I knew from what I was experiencing in our kitchen, that if we could get people to take a taste, some things we were producing would sell themselves. You could not have a pork chop from one of our pastured pigs and ever want to go back to the factory-raised kind…We’d be asking people to eat things they couldn’t identify and didn’t know how to cook… Moreover, we couldn’t offer the kind of consistency that consumers have come to expect from grocery store food. Could we really expect people to change their habits so radically, and pay good money for it?”

loaded in van, ready to roll

Swier Family Farm

Our CSA is an adventure in food, farming, and community. We are all asked to participate in each of these aspects. Some love this adventure, embracing the process thoroughly. This adventure shatters the experience for others. Many of us fall somewhere in this spectrum, not on either end. Regardless, once embarked upon, we are in this adventure together.

We are growing and enjoying fresh, local, seasonal foods. To expand and extend the assortments, we add “quirky”, off-the-beaten-path foods. These are often not your common known favorites, not your traditionals. We also plant in many successions. This allows multiple harvests through time. The earliest gardens often repeat later. We are truly expanding the possibility of our locale. We broaden the array of foods, and the array of nutrition we take in. We are broadening our horizons!

An openess to new and sometimes unusual foods, an attempt at “putting up” foods for…

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